About Us

Knowledge is Everyone’s Right

Knowledge is a bridge that gets a person with particular needs and desired goals to the right set of actions and also protects him from any surrounding danger. A team of knowledgeable and well-experienced attorneys and legal consultants established "Allied Legals” law firm believing in and serving the slogan "Knowledge is Everyone’s Right”.

Our scope of knowledge is not only limited to legal issues; however, it also extends to managerial aspects because law also deals with conflict management and resolution aiming to achieve interests in the fastest and best possible ways.

Our professional work has marked "Allied Legals” to be an excellent provider of legal services and consultancy. Our value system emphasizes strength and honesty which are applied in giving appropriate, objective solutions that are channeled through vigorous legal and managerial follow-up.

"Allied Legals” currently operates in many Arab countries in cases related to the following disciplines: international trade issues, corporate issues, Islamic banking, real estate issues, construction and real estate development issues, intellectual property, maritime transport, mediation and arbitration, managerial law issues, money laundering, and issues related to shariaa law.

Adding to the above, our law offices are also active in the field of disseminating knowledge through publishing articles in specialized legal journals, as well as speaking to local media outlets.

Serving you is our duty because having the right knowledge is your right!


"Allied Legals” office (lawyers and legal consultants) provides wide-ranging legal services in Lebanon and the Arab World within special principles and regulations that reserve the client’s full rights related to the framework of justice and laws. We have solid partnerships with a network of reputable law firms located in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria.